STOP SHOUTING. No one can hear you.

It seems everyone’s in a rush to the top. Top number of “Twitter” friends. Top number of blog mentions. Top of HypeM or

Didn’t MySpace teach us anything?

No one’s listening to the hype. SHUT UP, BANDS. While you’re busy harvesting emails into the hundreds, the 30 or so that will actually listen are ignored enough that they stop caring.

Take your time and talk to a few people. Don’t write a “press release”. Don’t worry about the number of people who ignore you – they aren’t worth your time anyway. These few people, who’ve told you they love your music, ARE worth it.

How you make that “scale”, how those few people (not hundreds) get you where you want to be: That’s the big question.

This is the way it is. No matter what approach you take, SHOUTING is the wrong one.


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