Announcing Open Music Media Belfast

NI Music Meetup = Open Music Media Belfast – Friday, November 4th 2009 – The Limelight, 6-9pm.

You may have seen a few posts during the year about NIMIM – the Northern Ireland Music Industry Meetup. What started as a casual meetup for musicians, labels, promoters eventually evolved into UnConvention Belfast and a bunch of other get-togethers in 2009 covering a variety of subjects.

As Rich Dale explains:

“Open Music Media Belfast is the new name for the NI Music Industry Meetups. Why? A couple of reasons. Firstly we’re keen to give our participants access a wider network – Open Music Media was founded in London and there will be ‘OMM’ events happening worldwide. Secondly we like the focus, ambition and intent of Open Music Media.

It’s where music is going. The time for lamenting the death of the old regime is over, and OMM is forum for ideas and a meeting of minds that will help shape the future of the industry. Whilst it’ll ask the big questions that affect us all, it’ll also focus in on the new strategies that will help our music thrive and our music businesses prosper.

Yes, we’re all in business, and OMM Belfast will be the friendly, focused and inspiring place where we’re all pulling in the same direction.

The next OMM Belfast takes place at the Limelight on Friday December 4th, from 6-9pm.

We’ll be looking at the mix of music, media and social networks, with perspectives from founder Stephen O’Regan and Gawain Morrison, founder of Filmtrip, musician, promoter and pioneer of alternate uses of music in media.”

For those of you on Facebook, the event is here

For more on Open Music Media check out or follow


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