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If there’s one thing anyone tackling any project in the music industry knows, it’s vital to experiment. But let’s be clear here: an experiment is testing causal relationships among variables or testing a hypothesis. How can you test a hypothesis if you don’t have accurate instruments with which to test it?

The advertising industry has already recognized “how poor metrics are undermining digital marketing“, and the same is absolutely true for music marketing.

I mentioned BandMetrics in my last post, and I’m also a fan of Trendrr. Google Alerts is a clumsy but useful tool – and there are many off-shoots or versions of Google Alerts (such as Addictomatic) that can be used to track buzz, but they all feel like blunt instruments.

Here’s my question: WHERE are the great innovators in music metrics? What metrics or services are YOU using to find out where, when and how often fans are listening to your music?

Update: Just heard about a very interesting metrics tracking site called – it more usefully interprets your Google Analytics data, presenting trends etc. Just dipping into it now, but looks very promising!

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2 Responses to More on Metrics…

  1. kc says:

    Let’s see…, band metrics, reverb nation (email metrics), site logs, google analytics, (plays), (link hits), and several others. They all contribute in some way or another to the ‘big picture’ of your effectiveness. I think is the ‘latest and greatest’ in that realm, but still has room for improvement.


    Live 365 — I’ll do a quick search using my band’s name to see how many stations are currently playing our tracks.

    Pandora — same thing, I’ll look to see how many pages of fans we have.

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