Merchandise: “Lies Like These”

Personally, I think that there’s too much made of D.I.Y. At the end of the day, a good quality sound recording of your music costs a fair chunk of money, as it should. People who are craftsmen of sound recording (producers, engineers, mastering studios) are, for the most part, costly because they are experts in their fields.

That said, the land of UGC (user generated content) is ever expanding, especially in the world of video. A Case in point: At UnConvention Salford at the beginning of the month, emerging artist Merchandise (fronted by songwriter Brad B. Wood) was discussing the cost of creating a decent video – and how it could be cost-prohibitive at times.

The person he was discussing this with was the ever positive Andrew Dubber – who proceeded to shot a one take, no rehearsal video for Merchandise’s new single “Lies Like These”, synched to Brad’s iPod which was playing the track in question. The result (which also feature the lovely Tracy Dempsey of is a wonderful, touching and funny video which suits the song perfectly – have a look:

Just like everything else D.I.Y., when done right, can *really* pay off.


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