SXSW Wrap – The Fan-Centric Future

The good folks at FanMail had a lunch at Threadgills during SXSW and some of the points which came up were a summation of how I and, by extension, Penny Distribution want to approach music marketing.

Here’s what caught my ears from the lunch-meet (all the slides used during the presentation are available here)

J.K. Rohrs – Exact Target:

Traditional physical touchpoints are shrinking. Places where one can directly interact with a potential fan such as Retail, Radio, Print are all losing sway. Mass marketing is no longer massive.
Fans are in control & they know it. They are the gatekeepers, not you. They control who they let into their worlds and also who gets bounced for being spammy or irrelevant.
Old Marketing was like an Orchestra With marketer/pr company as the conductor, instructing fans how and where to buy.
Fan-Centric Marketing is a Drum Circle Someone starts, others take part, some dance, some spectate and people leave and return fluidly but each individual decides how to participate.
Turn Fans into Subscribers by…
Optimizing touchpoints. What are you doing to increase the impact of those touchpoints with fans? Ideally, try to include 3 optimizers per touchpoint e.g. is there a download code on that ticketstub? what about CD giveaways in exchange for email addresses? What about a CD included with that Vinyl LP? How about just asking anyone who buys at your merch table for an email address?

1. Serve Individuals, not Lists
2. Honor their preferences – relevant content (e.g. they like only one band from a label, not the entire roster), frequency, channel (how do they like to receive content?) – put the control of these variables in their hands.
3. Deliver timely, relevant information that enhances their lives. Ask yourself “how am I helping / serving fan’s needs?”

I’ll have more from SXSW industy panels via Topspin’s Ian Rogers & William Morris’ Suzanne Brantner tomorrow…


2 Responses to SXSW Wrap – The Fan-Centric Future

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  2. barryc says:

    I found this post through your piece about thanking fans for real, but I couldn’t leave a comment on it.

    More mature, informative posts like this please.

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