The Final Cut -The SXSW Torrents…

OK – I’ll admit I only got through about 850 of the 1035 tracks that make up the SXSW 2009 Showcasing Artists torrents. But below is what I consider to be the cream of that crop – 87 tracks spanning rock, hiphop, funk and jazz from artists I’ll be hoping to see at this year’s festival (this one supercedes the link I put in my last post).

Highlights range from the spinetingling (Efterklang, Loquat, Alessi’s Ark) to the downright strange (check “Crank Bang” by Gaybomb.) Happily making the cut are acts from both of my favourite places in the world – San Francisco, CA (Bart Davenport, The Heavenly States) & Belfast, Northern Ireland (In Case of Fire, Fighting with Wire)

Oh and check out my unrealistically packed schedule for SXSW at I’m in Austin from Tues-Sun next week – we should meet up and have a beer! Drop me an email 🙂


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