SXSW – The Best of Torrent 1

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A few too many things in the pipe for SXSW so this’ll be a short one – I ran through the first of the SXSW Torrents and narrowed it down to 75 tracks contained in this link.

Also, a few tips if it’s your first time at SXSW courtesy of @rustysoma – served me well last year 🙂

1. Make sure you have a bunch of water at your hotel room.

2. If you’re there for the whole week, and you stay some place that has a kitchen (like the Residence Inn), go to Whole Foods, and stock up on healthy food for the week. At a minimum get some fruit and veggies, and maybe some breakfast cereal.

3. Take Vitamin B before going out! It really helps.

4. Bring Ibuprofen for the hangovers that will occur.

5. Bring some music on your iPod that’s completely unlike the music you’ll be seeing the most… it clears the aural palette.

6. Be careful not to overdo it early in the week if you’re going to be there the whole week.

7. Don’t miss those morning conference sessions, there are some great ones.

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