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Among the many things Penny’s been busy with lately, we’ve just started working with an artist who has an incredible talent, and although experienced, has little to no recorded output. A small fanbase has already been cultivated, but Penny along with a number of other music businesses, have entered into what amounts to a collective of music-minded and business experienced folk who are united by the appreciation for the artists works.

What’s most remarkable, even at this early stage, is how important authenticity is. Time was when you could build an artist persona from their experience – what shows they played, what reviews they’ve received, their discography – and those are important to be sure.

But more important today is what the artist is REALLY doing – how are they writing music? where? how are they sketching ideas for songs? how are they interacting with their peers, on and offline? what other bands are involved in the artists growth and development? WHERE is that artist writing and what affect does that have on the music? what is important to the artist OUTSIDE of music?

Where does this new focus on and need for authenticity come from? Artists like Little Boots & Imogen Heap aren’t playing for the camera, they really do sketch their ideas on YouTube – others use MySpace, Twitter or their own blog to share their thought processes and themselves.

Most important in all of this? There is no concern with reaching “as many people as possible” only for reaching “the right people”. There is an awareness that there are enough people watching who’ll appreciate you for what you do if you speak to them in the right way. And you can, and should, ignore the rest. The people who’re listening? They’re your tribe.

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