“It’s about me providing value to you, and if I can’t, then I should get the hell out of the way.”

I hate re-posting stuff that’s already on the web – there’s enough noise out there.

But some notes on Ian Roger’s recent talk at MusicTech Seattle say everything I want to say about Penny Distribution and our goals – and indeed, the goals of any music company in the 21st Century:

“Any of us, myself included, that are not either the artist or the fan, are just potentially in the way. So it’s on us to provide value. To provide real value. And that’s fine with me. I’m very happy to say, OK, my company has to provide real value. My company is not about lock-in. It’s not about me owning your masters. It’s about me providing value to you, and if I can’t, well, then I should get the hell out of the way. So I really encourage you, when thinking about the music business, to think about marginal profitability for artists first and foremost, and to think about the companies that enable that, and to forget about the ones that don’t.”


If you don’t already, I’d recommend keeping up with Ian at his blog Fistfulayen.com and one of the most exciting new media companies of late, TopSpin Media

Read more at TechFlash, Thanks to Bruce @ Hypebot for the original post…

Update: Dave Allen, over at the awesome Pamplemoose, has some great insight into Ian’s keynote too…

Update II: Looks like the big boys are taking notice of the switch too…EMI are focusing on Fan/Artist relationships now as well.

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4 Responses to “It’s about me providing value to you, and if I can’t, then I should get the hell out of the way.”

  1. Karmafan says:

    šŸ™‚ Absolutely.

    That is why we at Karmafan refuse to keep a cut. Any patronage, voluntary payment, support, whatever you want to call it, goes straight from the fan to the artist.

  2. alunatunes says:

    It’s so important to me, as a person who works with musicians, to make sure I provide lots of value, information, inspiration and motivation to them! I love this quote. Thank you for sharing….

  3. ian c rogers says:

    Thanks for the kind words. Good to know there are others out there operating with the same spirit.


  4. pennydist says:

    Cheers, y’all! I think it’s far too easy to get in the way of artist->fan, so keeping it in the front of your mind is always a good thing.

    Oh, and Ian’s just published his keynote in it’s entirety here – >


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