“We just want to get our music out there…”

Bomb the Music Industry! @ The Secret SquirrelImage by Mike White | Deadlydesigns.com via FlickrI’m always talking to artists and bands about their plans, their upcoming release and other future prospects. 

The quote above is, quite often, the summation of this, their ultimate goal.  But what you are basically saying is “We have a record and we’ve no idea what to do next”. 

There’s nothing wrong with that, per se, but goal-setting is just as important for a band as any other business – do you want to play 50 shows this year?  What about growing your email list by 200 subs?  It can be as simple as writing 3 items to aim for over 12 months and working toward that.  But be specific.

That said, I understand being vague, too.  Many of the elements of the New Music Economy are difficult to grasp and approach, especially when you’re busy trying to be an artist.

The good news is, the web doesn’t just level the playing field for bands connecting to fans. 

It also levels the field for bands seeking information and relationships with people who can advise them on many aspects of their career and provide help.

I call the best of these folks “connectors” and they share one common trait – they LIVE to connect one person to another who can help them achieve their goals. They’re the kind of person who you could stop in the street and ask a question, and they’d gladly spend 15 mins of their time helping you out or writing you an email.

Seek these people out – happily, most of them blog – and introduce yourself. Just as you would with any blogger, take an interest in what they’re doing and start a conversation. Build a community of information and services just as you would build a fanbase – you’ll find that it’s just as valuable way to get your career where you want it to be.

We’re all about connectors, so everyone who works at Penny Distribution has that same understanding – drop us a line at info@pennydistribution.com if you think we can help your music business. We’re happy to help if we can, and direct you to someone who might be able to help if we can’t. For free, of course.

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2 Responses to “We just want to get our music out there…”

  1. […] a common interest such as local music (or just outstanding music), films, comics or whatever…connections are made and the ideas can start to […]

  2. JTM says:

    I want to be the kind of person who, if I can’t help directly “I know someone else who can”. I want to be a Connector.

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