Can Musicians & The Music Industry Ever Trust Each Other?

September 22, 2008

There’s been quite the proliferation of confabs and meetups around music, technology and the arts over the last few months in Belfast.  There was Bar Camp back in May, then Creative Camp but a few weeks ago and this Saturday sees Soul Ambition‘s “Kick Up The Arts” series tackle musicians and music companies.  Here’s what it’s about:

“Whatever your beliefs, this music clinic is all about taking control and creating change in your music career and in the music industry in NI and further afield. Life, business and arts coach Tracy Dempsey will help you identify the obstacles stopping you getting from where you want to be, boot them out of the way and charge ahead with the big dream.

You’ll also get to network with other musicians and industry professionals; to talk about whether we should be building a Northern Irish music ‘brand’ to help everyone get noticed; to get advice from local people in the industry and share contacts from further afield.

Whatever your beliefs about the industry, take control where you can and be part of the solution where you need to.

And to get the conversation started early, join the Facebook group at and add the event to your calendar at”

I firmly believe that collaboration between music makers, music producers, music marketers and technologists will open many doors to unsigned and up-and-coming acts as well as the nascent music industry here and in other local music economies world-wide.  Networking events like this can prove invaluable for connecting folks, and I hope that these meetups become a regular occurance.

There is a caveat:  A friend mentioned that although things like Barcamp work really well for Technologists, the same formula won’t work within the music industry – the two groups are too different i.e. Tech-nerds love to share and help each other and musicians and music-industry types are simply trying to fuck each other over.  Penny Distribution was founded on the principle of regaining the trust of artists and building careers in partnership, so I know I don’t agree.  What do you think?

In a small market, up-and-coming music scene, can musicians and music industries truly collaborate in a spirit of trust for mutual benefit?


September 17, 2008

still can’t decide whether to go to SF or LA. Dang!

SF Music Tech Summit

September 17, 2008

Just a quick post to point you toward the website for the SF Music Tech Summit.  Even if you didn’t make it to the second one on May 8, 2008 you should DEFINITELY check out the videos of the panels they have here.

What makes SF Music Tech Summit different from other similar conferences?  First off, the organizers are some of the best in the business at pulling together the people that really know their stuff and can offer practical advice for labels, artists and music-based tech companies unlike any other conference I know. 

And the focus is squarely on the quality of the conversation.  Unlike other conferences, they don’t just have headline-grabbing BigWigs repeat a Press Release to delegates.  Panel members include musicians, DJs, entrepreneurs – people with real life experience at pushing boundaries in music tech and the music industry. 

The videos are must-watch material for anyone even mildly interested in the new music industry…

The next SF Music Tech Summit is October 20th 2008.

September 17, 2008

Great to see Hooray for Humans last night – even if their show was cancelled.

September 15, 2008

Vertigo Smyth^is recording his second EP in a super-secret yet v. important recording facility.

September 12, 2008

Road trip! Hard working class heroes here we come!

September 12, 2008

my test of – status updates look simple enough, but what about full blog posts? We shall see…