In Rainbows, On Torrents

A nice, quick digestible read from MCPS-PRS Alliance and torrent tracker BigChampagne, analyzing the “success” of Radiohead’s last release, can be found here.  If you’ve any interest in recorded music sale and experience in a post In Rainbows/NIN era, it’s essential stuff.

A couple of points:

  • Despite being available for free at, the album was downloaded via Torrents a staggering 400,000 times on it’s release day.  The next most downloaded album was only downloaded 157,000 times in a week.
  • The next stage of P2P evolution is well and truly underway – The Pirate Bay is as big (if not bigger) brand than iTunes.  Attention is as scarce as it has ever been, but there is clearly A LOT of attention being paid to sites like MiniNova and TorrentSpy.  The question for music companies is, of course, how do you harness the massive use of files (and attention) for the benefit of artists and businesses?  Is it even possible?

3 Responses to In Rainbows, On Torrents

  1. another insightful read from Penny…

    Tag P2P files to introduce artists to more fans.
    then market exclusive, non-digital, collectible merchandise and encourage ticket sales…maybe?

  2. I have to admit that I’m a complete P2P noob – My understanding is that you’d need to seed the tracks, and preferably more than one computer would do so to speed up the transfer process.

    For that to happen, you need a certain amount of attention to begin with, for people to even seed the files, and so we’re in a chicken-and-egg situation – or am I missing something?

  3. […] act like Estelle, you’ve no need to try and play the artificial scarcity game, even with the particular challenges that offering cheap, or even free, music […]

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