New Wax from Penny Distribution!


Image by Helico via Flickr

So, you all know I normally save this space for music industry discussion, so forgive this off-topic post. I’ve got 2 things I want to share:

1. We’re excited to announce the release of Tom McShane’s new single “Fighter” on split 7″ vinyl and download. You can preview the tracks over at Tom’s Myspace or his Penny Distribution page.

If you dig the music, go ahead and pre-order the vinyl at – you’ll get immediate access to 4 bonus downloads as well as your shiny new record when they ship on June 23rd.

2. If you’re a fan of Penny Distribution’s music, you should subscribe to our dedicated Penny Artist News site. It’s basically a bulletin board for all of our artists and will keep you up to date on new releases, shows and signings. Coming up are some exclusive radio-session downloads from Tom McShane in the buildup to the release of the vinyl. Not to be missed.

{aside} For the picky among you (and you wouldn’t be reading this blog if you weren’t!), we’re also offering artist-only Email Updates & RSS feeds. Go check them out and stay on top of it 🙂

Thanks for your patience with this – we will now resume our regularly scheduled programming…

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